Frequently asked questions

How experienced are you as a disc jockey?

I’ve been a disc jockey for over 16 years and during this time I’ve been able to successfully satisfy the needs of my clients hence my longevity in the entertainment industry.

Can we meet with the disc jockey?

I tell all my clients never book a disc jockey for your function until you’ve seen them in action or in person. This can be your opportunity to assess his personality and style. I have no problems with meeting my clients before their function.

Can we pick the music for our party?

Yes it is important that you have an input on the selection of the music played and not played. You don’t want your party sounding like every other party. We can provide an extensive music list via email. We don’t have our full music list posted on the internet so other disc jockey companies can copy our exclusive list.

Can we bring our own CD's?

Of course you can. Our CD players can play both original and burnt CD’s. However if you’ve got music downloaded from the internet the audio quality is often compromised.

Why do some disc jockeys cost more than others?

Some disc jockeys can squeeze their equipment in their family car, some use a rusty trailer others like myself would use a new van. I don’t believe in compromising professional audio equipment and lights. Some disc jockeys use laptops and speakers on stands so they can fit their shows in their car. This results in the music sounding tinny and with no dynamic range. We use 2 way 15 inch sub-woofers with a minimum 1500 watt amplifier. Our sound systems pack a mean punch and sound crystal clear. We don’t use disc mans like some of the other big companies, like I mentioned earlier our advertising budget is small so we can invest in professional audio equipment which is updated every two years. So you can see who the cheaper disc jockeys are.

Some disc jockeys do it as a hobby or for part time work. At Melbourne Mobile Music we are full time professionals. Don’t sell yourself short; you deserve the security of a professional. Things that do not seem important when you are setting your budget will become suddenly important when your party is ruined by an inexperienced disc jockey.

The entertainment is already one of the least expensive services you will book for your event. Spend a professional rate and have the comfort and piece of mind of knowing you have hired someone reliable.

Do you MC as well?

Absolutely. With nearly 16 years of public speaking we are more than happy to MC. We want you to be happy on your special day and don’t risk the embarrassment in having a relative or friend in charge of this important role.

What happens if some equipment brakes down?

Don’t worry we offer emergency back-up. In sixteen years in the industry, equipment failure is very rare. Like I mentioned earlier our equipment is updated every two years and serviced regularly. We also have public liability.

How can I book you?

You can call me directly or email me your details. Once a deposit is received this will confirm your booking.

What if we want you to work longer than five hours?

No problem.You will be charged for every half hour over the five hours. The amount is worked out on the night or before hand.

Do you have international music?

Yes we do. We have a very large range of Italian, Greek, Latin, Macedonian, and Vietnamese music.