How to book the right DJ?

I’ve been trading under Melbourne Mobile Music since 1989. I’ve written this to help you in choosing the right DJ for your special wedding day.

Having worked in this industry for many years, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge and experience, which I will now pass onto you.

Throughout my 19 years in the entertainment industry I’ve had the great pleasure to meet a lot of reception centre owners, winery owners, restaurant owners and function centre managers and they all say the same thing at the end of my functions. “Great music and variety, can you please leave us some of your business cards so we can pass them onto our future clients”.

This is how I get 90% of my bookings and this is how all the stand out DJ’s get their bookings, never underestimate the value of word of mouth. So here are my tips and advice for getting the right DJ for your wedding.

PLAN AHEAD this is my most important tip. I often get booked 9 to 12 months before the big event. As soon as your reception venue is booked, that’s when you should start looking for your DJ. Remember that the DJ will be at your wedding from the start to the conclusion. If you leave it too late and then rely on a large DJ agency you will probably get an inexperienced part time DJ that has been trained by the agency themselves. If this is the case you’ve probably reduced your chance of having a fantastic and successful wedding.
So once again PLAN AHEAD.

Where do I find the right DJ?

Take my advice and ask around at some function centres. They would only keep a list of all the good DJ’s. Also ask them which DJ companies to stay away from. They are in the best position to give you an honest answer. Once you have a list of about 5 DJ’s start calling them. Organize a time to meet the DJ in person before you book. If he/she refuses to meet you it might be time to move onto the next DJ. The right DJ will take out the time to meet you, offer advice and answer all your questions. This also gives you the chance to assess his/her personality.

Make sure your DJ gives you his/her contact details. Mobile and home phone numbers and email address should be enough. It’s important you deal with your DJ directly and not thru an agency whereby the lines of communication often break down.

If your DJ doesn’t return calls or emails after 24 hours how reliable will he/she be on the night?

Check out some bridal websites. Beware of the sites with flashy websites and the ones that don’t have any photos of the actual DJ’s. These sites are often DJ agencies, which sometimes pass on their work to a third party for a commission. They rely on volume not customer satisfaction. You are better off trying to speak to the owner operators. I guarantee you they will do a better job, because it’s their business.

Don't let the price be the only factor when booking your DJ.

Why do prices vary so much? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying. “Pay somebody peanuts and you get monkeys”. Well unfortunately this applies in the DJ industry. Prices vary depending on experience, type of audio equipment used, the range of music the DJ has, some DJ’s have no public liability insurance and their equipment is not tagged and tested. The very good DJ’s will charge anywhere from $500 to $800. This would include MC work, radio microphone, professional sound system and lights. Remember the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Go with your instincts not your wallet. They are normally right.

Ask these questions when booking your DJ.
  • Are YOU available for my date?
  • Will The DJ be properly attired?
  • Can the DJ MC?
  • Do you provide a written confirmation?
  • Does the price include a radio microphone and lights?
  • Are you able to meet in person before hand?
  • Will the DJ play requests?
  • Are you the DJ who will be at the reception?
  • Do you set up at least an hour before the function starts?
  • Do you have back up equipment?
  • Can you explain how you conduct the evening?
  • Can we pick some of the music?
  • Will the DJ be interactive?

The correct answer to all these questions is yes.

In summary if possible get to know your DJ personally before the wedding. Insist on the use of a pre-planned agenda (running sheet). Make sure your wedding DJ can co-ordinate everything at the wedding reception. Ensure that the vision you have of your wedding day becomes reality. People dancing and having fun is the way your wedding should be remembered from a DJ’s perspective.

I hope you have found all this information helpful.

A list of Melbourne venues that recommend me:
  • Potters
  • Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre
  • Taylors Lakes Hotel/Starlight Centre
  • Inglewood Estate
  • Grand Star Convention Centre
  • Victoria Star Cruises (10 year contract – since 2011 for New Year’s Eve)
  • Ultima Convention Centre
  • Eynesbury
  • Veneto Club

Don’t forget you can always call me or email me for an obligation free consultation.

Dear Steve,
Thank you so much for providing the perfect touch to our wedding day.
You were fantastic. The music choice was spot on.
Thanks for reading the crowd perfectly and organising us when we were so totally distracted.

Jayde and Dan Young
28th March 2014 at Potters

Jayde and Dan

Dear Steve,

Thank you for creating such a fabulous atmosphere on the day.

What a night! You got our parents dancing: a rather monumental effort.

What wonderful memories thanks to you.

Our sincere gratitude,
Gaya and Ray
Immerse winery
3rd May 2015

Gaya and Ray

Hi Steve,
Thanks so much for last Friday night. All the ladies had a great time & thought you were Fantastic. They’ve been asking me whether you can MC our trivia night this year as well. Is that something you do? We will definitely be booking you for next year.

Parent & Organizer
Bel View Primary School

Skinny Dog Hotel, Kew

Hi Steve,

Thank you for being our DJ. The entertainment was amazing. From the minute the music started there was always someone filling the dance floor having fun. We had lots of good feedback from all our guests. You even managed to get up a few Aunt’s who never dance, with your 70’s hit list. It was a night we will never forget. Thanks you for being a part of it.

Love from

Michael and Jacinta Hansen

Michael and Jacinta
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